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Everybody in the Total Diving - Montreal Scuba team is here because... We love scuba diving! So... There's nothing we enjoy more than getting organized to go scuba diving with you!

During the Summer months, we have dive adventures & fun outings around Montreal, in the Thousand Islands and Eastern Canada, pretty much every week. You can also relax after work in Montreal by scuba diving at the Kahnawake quarry at the end of the day, during the week. All year round, you can come practice your scuba diving skills in one of our scuba pools around Montreal. Let's just blow bubbles underwater! We love it!

We can also help you get organized for dive trips and scuba vacations to go in the Caribbean and other sunny scuba holiday destinations. One of our favorite scuba vacation destination is Nassau, Bahamas - with either Stuart Cove, Aquacat Cruises or Blackbeard Cruises.

And as far as underwater fun goes... Don't miss our annual scuba diving buddy events - dry and wet ones - just for fun among dive buddies!