Apeks AT 20 / US4 Regulator

Apeks AT 20 / US4 Regulator

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Apeks AT 20 / US4 Regulator

The AT20 is the predecessor to the XTX20. We brought it back to the Apeks line-up because it represents an excellent value. This is an ideal entry-level regulator that can spoil sport divers in a hurry.

The first stage is a balanced diaphragm design
The first stage has 1 high pressure port and 4 medium pressure ports

The 2nd stage uses a pneumatically balanced valve system for excellent breathing

It is designed for water temperatures above 50°F (10°C)

The AT20 has an ergonomically designed control for the venturi that enables you to control the airflow within the second stage at the turn of a lever

Comes standard with the Comfo-bite mouthpiece for increased comfort

Compatible to EAN 40, new, out of the box

Condition New
Brand Apeks
Color No
Reg Type Yoke
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Barcode 0000000000567

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