Apeks Black Sapphire

Apeks Black Sapphire

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Quick description:

Celebrating over 40 years of the technical excellence of Apeks, the Black Sapphire regulator is a piece of technical diving history. It has newly styled first and second stages. It has a precision-machined, aircraft grade anodised metal front cover. The first stage features a super-tough and luxurious Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coating. Its five ports allow for flexible hose routing. The Black Sapphire regulator comes special with a reusable case in honor of the anniversary of Apeks, which is perfect for storing your regulator.

The Black Sapphire regulator qualifies for parts for life.

Yoke or DIN*

$1,399.99 $999.99

1st stage:

Available as either yoke or din

Super-tough and luxurious Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coating

5 ports with heat exchanger

Hydrostatic over-balancing first stage gives a superior performance at depth because it lets medium pressure air into the hose at a faster rate than ambient pressure.

Environmental dry seal kit prevents contamination and resists freezing


2nd stage:

The second stage can have a right-handed hose configuration or a left-handed hose configuration

Diver Changeable Exhaust (DCE) system allows diver to change from a larger air exhaust for best bubble dispersion to a smaller air exhaust, which is more lightweight and compact.

Two-stage progressive dual purge allows diver to control flow rate of purge

Pneumatically balanced second stage has controls (Opening Effort Control Knob and Integrated Venturi lever) to allow the diver to adapt the breath of the regulator to his or her needs

Can be used in cold water (below 10°C/50°F)

Comes with Comfo-bite mouthpiece

Heat Exchanger for freezing resistance

Comes with special high quality anniversary case

The regulator hose features a swivel joint on both the first and second stage for unparalleled range of motion and comfort

Condition New
Brand Apeks
Color Black
Reg Type Yoke
Normal Inventory Status Discontinued by the manufacturer
Barcode 0000000035958

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