Apeks XTX 40 DS4 DIN Oxygen

Apeks XTX 40 DS4 DIN Oxygen

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Quick description:

The oxygen model of XTX technology. This regulator is built for all percentages of oxygen (0-100). This oxygen compatibility combined with its superior reliability make it perfect for technical divers who have to do high oxygen decompression stops. 


Don’t dive with enriched air (mixtures containing more than 40% O2 by volume) until you are nitrox certified by a nationally recognized training agency such as PADI.


The XTX40 DS4 Oxygen qualifies for free parts for life.

1st stage:

DS4 first stage

Overbalanced diaphragm offers better performance at greater depths

2HP ports angled for optimum hose routing

4 MP ports angled for optimum hose routing

Environmental dry system prevents contamination and resists freezing

Can be converted from a right-handed to a left handed hose configuration

2nd stage:

Pneumatically balanced

Large, easy to operate purge buttons

2-stage purge allows diver to control purge flow rate

Easy to use venturi lever provides better performance at depth and prevents wasteful free-flow at the surface

Easy-to-grip opening effort control knob

Manufactured with active protection against infection

The silicone exhaust valve improves performance

Comes with a Comfo-bite mouthpiece for superior comfort

The heat exchanger surrounds the valve mechanisms and dissipates cold caused by gas expansion while drawing in warmth from ambient water

Diver Changeable Exhaust system (DCE)

Green and yellow design distinguish this regulator as a high-percentage oxygen regulator

Lightweight, flexible, durable braided flexi-hose

Safe for cold water diving (temperatures under 10°C/50°F)

Safe for oxygen percentages of up to 100

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