Aqualung Look HD Mask

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The best-selling Look mask came out in 1988, which has evolved to become the Look HD. The key features of fit and comfort have been maintained and some new features have been added in. The look HD has integrated a stainless steel (AISI 316) anti-torsion bar into its frame structure to maximize dimensional stability and lens planarity. This eliminates distortion, optimizing visibility.


The frame is strengthened by innovative techno-polymers reinforced with inorganic fibers

Torsion is eliminated and lenses are kept in the same plane through the addition of a stainless steel bar integrated into the frame

Advanced Fit Technology (AFT) creates a superior seal using texture bands of silicone on the skirt

Cardanic joint buckles provide optimal adjustability and comfort for all head shapes

Lenses are made out of 4mm tempered flat glass

Condition New
Brand Aqualung
SKU 50386xx
How many mask windows? 2
Lens Color Clear
Are corrective lenses available? No
Normal Inventory Status Normally in stock
Barcode 0000000033794

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