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Aqualung Lotus i3 Women BCD

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Aqualung has designed the Lotus i3 BCD just for women. Featuring Aqualung’s patented i3 inflation/deflation system, this back inflation-style BCD is fun to use. This BCD uses the versatility of the Wrapture™ Harness System to fit all female body types comfortably and snugly. The Wrapture™ Harness System also supports the cylinder in a way that has never been more comfortable for the diver. The SureLock II mechanical integrated weight system ensures easy weight storage as well as a quick release in emergency situations. The Lotus i3 comes in black with stylish pink detailing.


Aqualung Lotus i3 Women BCD Features:

Wrapture Harness System is composed of swivel shoulder buckles and an ultra-thin back-plate, which provides unparalleled fit and comfort. It prevents “riding up” when on the surface and keeps the cylinder close to your centre of gravity when out of the water while transferring the weight to your hips
i3 Control System allows easy one touch inflation and deflation of the BCD and eliminates the traditional inflator hose. Inflating is easy, just pull up on the lever. You wont have to hold a hose upright to deflate, just push down on the i3 lever and all of the dumps will open at the same time.
SureLock II Mechanical Weight Release System is an integrated weight system that provides quick release of weights in emergency situations
Entire kit is kept low profile by HP and MP hose routings through the back
Comes with an easy to use pull down oral inflator
Streamlined and effective flat e-valves are “one-way” to keep water out
The sides of the bladder are pulled in during deflation by the bladder retraction system. This helps reduce drag
The adjustable sternum strap can be raised or lowered. This both ensures a good fit and keeps the strap from running across top of a drysuit valve
Easy storage and use of an alternative air source thanks to a scooped octo-pocket on the top, front of the right lobe.
The left lobe has easy access dive knife attachment points
4 angled, stainless steel D-rings and 1 plastic D-ring
Additional dumping option right shoulder pull dump
Comfortable rolled neck collar
Non-ditchable weight pockets on the back to help with buoyancy
Able to hold up to 13.5 kg (30 lbs) of weight

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