Aqualung Stratos ADJ Fins

Aqualung Stratos ADJ Fins

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The Stratos ADJ is a great fin for beginner divers. It provides a softer kick and is lighter than the Express ADJ. The rubber side ribs are independent of the foot pocket and are lighter by design, which ensures better efficiency for flexibility and performance. The dual-material blade quickly reaches the optimal angle for quicker more efficient water movement. The foot pocket is made of a single material with two thicknesses that helps improve strength and enhance comfort. The grip on the inner sole improves dive boot stability. This ensures energy is not lost due to the boot sliding inside the foot pocket.



Dual-material side ribs and blade help transfer maximum energy from foot pocket to blade tip

The Bending Zone between the blade and foot pocket allows the blade to quickly reach the optimal angle for propulsion and water channeling.

The dual-material foot pocket's Power Transmission Zone prevents stretching during the power stroke of the kick cycle.
Quick Release buckles are easy to operate and make exiting the water easy.

Ergonomic straps are easy to put on and adjust, even while wearing thick gloves becasue of large finger loops at each end and in the middle.


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