Aqualung Titan Regulator

Aqualung Titan Regulator

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Third generation Titan regulator is lighter and easier to breathe with than its predecessors.

This regulator is perfect for the diver that wants a rugged, easy to maintain regulator that performs well at an affordable price. The first stage has a balanced-diaphragm for high-performance at intermediate depths. This results in easy breathing while protecting internal parts. Venturi lever on second stage prevents unwanted free-flow at the surface. The first stage is T-shaped making it more compact and providing optimal hose routings. The first stage uses less brass making it more compact and lighter-weight. The outer skin provides impact protection as well as aesthetic appeal. Can accept an optional Auto Closure device. A grid built into the exhaust tee of the second stage creates finer bubbles for less noise and more stability. Side openings on the front cover of the second stage prevent free-flow when facing currents. This regulator is ideal for travelling divers because it is compact and lightweight.

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Aqualung Titan Regulator Features:

Titan 1st Stage:

Balanced diaphragm
2HP ports ad 4 MP ports
Uses less brass
Outer skin
Conical filter for better filtration
Optional ACD (Auto Closure Device)
Improved yoke screw
Compatible with EAN 40 when new

Titan 2nd Stage:

Mid-size, high performance demand valve
Easy-to-grip venturi knob
Comes with Comfo-Bite mouthpiece to reduce haw fatigue
Grid built into exhaust tee creates finer exhaust bubbles
Easy purge front cover
Reinforced polycarbonate material
Side openings on front cover prevent free-flow when facing currents

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