Atomic SV2 Snorkel

Atomic SV2 Snorkel

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Atomic Aquatics has reinvented the snorkel with the SV2. This model is sleeker, more comfortable and eliminates the issue of constantly having water get in your mouth, which is especially annoying if it’s salt water which will taste bad and dry out your mouth. Here’s how it works:

The lower section of SV2 (semi-dry) enable water to be easily expelled. Any water entering the top of the snorkel will bypass the mouthpiece completely and exit out through the purge valve. If water did enter the internal tube located inside the main snorkel body, it contains a small one-way Scupper flap valve designed to allow water to flow past the mouthpiece and out the purge valve without collecting at the bottom of the breathing passage and getting in your mouth. The diver exhales a small burst of air to clear any water trapped below the mouthpiece, and the internal tube airway is kept dry.


The SV2 is self-draining

Makes clearing efficient and effortless


Dual silicone mouthpiece prevents over-clenching, which restricts airflow and causes jaw fatigue

SV2 Semi-dry top is designed to limit splashed water from entering the breathing tube

Integrated mask clip which can translate along the snorkel and rotate along its axis

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