PADI Open Water Diver Course: Certification Dives

PADI Open Water Diver Course: Certification Dives

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It's 'step two' of becoming a PADI certified scuba diver. Part one was 'PADI Open Water Diver Course: Pool & Theory'. Both parts are included in the complete Total Diver training program.

Talk to your Montreal PADI Dive Instructor for organizing your course schedule.

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It's 'step two' of becoming a PADI certified scuba diver. Part one was 'PADI Open Water Diver Course: Pool & Theory'. Both parts are included in the complete Total Diver training program.

If you've completed the first part of your PADI Open Water Diver course (the pool & theory) somewhere else and just now, have discovered that you could do your PADI certification dives near Montreal with a premier PADI Career Development Center... You're welcome! Bring your 'referral' documents from the PADI instructor with whom you've completed the pool.

It's a weekend you'll remember for the rest of your life!

Getting certified in Montreal, before going on vacations

Yes! You should! You have better things to do during your vacations!

Furthermore, you'll be a better diver. Really! Because... When you'll be doing your certification with Total Diving in Montreal, you'll be focussed on learning to be a good diver. When you'll be down South, you'll be focussed on finding where's the pool bar for a mojito!

And... If, one day, you want to dive in Quebec, you'll be able to get your Quebec Government diving permit (disclaimer: they don't want us to call it a permit but it's like one to us), because our instructors are authorized to evaluate your skills for PADI as well as the Quebec Government, at the same time. There's a lot of great diving in Quebec and Eastern Canada.


This is part 2 of your PADI Open Water Diver course. So... The prerequisites are the same as for the pool part of the course. You must have successfully completed the theory and pool part of the course.

If you've completed the theory and pool with a PADI instructor outside the Total Diving team... It's never too late to see the light! :) Just kidding! Or not? Anyways... Simply book a prep session for open water certification and make sure to bring your 'referral documents' from your PADI pool instructor.

We must have a current medical form on file. The medical questionnaire you filled for the pool portion is most likely still OK, if you've done that part of the course recently and didn't have any change in your health condition.

The industry-established minimum age is 10 years old. However, for children and teenagers less than 14 years old, please choose the "private certification" option when registering - to ensure proper and safe training.

Course Location

You're lucky! Total Diving manages one of the best dive sites for PADI Open Water certification in Eastern Canada and, on top of that, it's a few minute drive from downtown Montreal: the Kahnawake Quarry, just South of Mercier Bridge.

You'll save on fuel and, therefore, help save the planet! You'll also be able to sleep in your own bed at night!

Course Structure & Agenda

As per PADI standards, we will be conducting 4 open water dives with you, over 2 days.

Most of the time, these dives are conducted at the Kahnawake Quarry: the closest dive site to Montreal and one of the best dive sites for PADI certification courses in Eastern Canada. However, sometimes, we need to adapt to traffic, weather and other unpredictable conditions. We will contact you if the dive site is changed at the last minute. Please verify your phone number and eMail address in your My Account.

Typical schedule:


  • 8am-9am: Picking up rental scuba gear (if required), cylinders and weights at Total Diving in NDG (about 10 minutes from the Kahnawake Quarry). One of your instructors will be there to help.
  • 10am - at the quarry: Briefing, gear preparation and first open water dive! Yeah!
  • Lunch on location (not included)
  • 2nd open water dive
  • Back to Total Diving in NDG for: refilling your 2 air cylinders for tomorrow, filling your logbook with your instructor and talking about the events of the day!


  • 9am: Meeting at the quarry
  • 3rd open water dive
  • Lunch on location (not included)
  • 4th open water dive
  • Back to Total Diving in NDG for: returning your rental dive gear (if any), cylinders and weights; filling your logbook with your instructor; finalizing paperwork (like your Quebec dive permit and your PADI certification card) and talking about the events of the weekend!

Course Material

From the course material you've received during the pool portion of your PADI Open Water Diver course, bring at least:

  • Your log book
  • Your eRDPml (electronic dive table) or dive computer

The cost of the PADI certification card is included, as well as the entry fee to the Kahnawake Quarry (if that is where we go diving). You can either bring a lunch or purchase food at the convenience store located a few steps from our dock.

Scuba Gear Required

If you are serious about your underwater adventures, we believe you will already, by now, have your own set of dive gear - for comfort, safety and pleasure. Hence why dive gear is not included in any of our Total Diving scuba diving courses. Talk to us about getting your own set of comfortable and safe scuba diving equipment.

Otherwise, please reserve your rental diving gear using our online rental dive gear reservation system. During your prep session and throughout the pool & theory part of the course, you should have determined the proper size to fit you. If not, you'll need to stop by the Total Diving dive shop, ahead of time, to figure that out and reserve the dive gear you really need.

We do not rent bathing suits, towels, fins, booties, masks & snorkels - and we will stop renting, soon, wetsuits (because it's really like a bathing suit) since these are personal items that you need to have. You'll use those for more than scuba diving, anyways. You might want to add a "wetsuit" to the list of 'must have' personal items - it's very similar to a bathing suit, if you ask me!

Important: This is not enough!

The PADI Open Water Diver certification is not enough. Statistics are clear: If you only do this entry-level course, you will most probably end up... Back at home, watching boring TV. To enjoy scuba diving, you need to become comfortable underwater and this requires more than the 4 basic dives done during your PADI Open Water Diver course.

We urge you to take the Total Diver training program with PADI. It'll give you 10 dives with an instructor and... You'll start enjoying the rest of the blue planet! For a lifetime!

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