Exotic Adventures

Exotic Adventures

Exotic Adventures

You only have one life to live... Let's dive into it!


Of course, you can book your own dive trip and go... But you would be missing on a lot of fun!

  • Total Diving exotic dive trips are all supervised by professional and familiar dive instructors and divemasters. This means more safety for you. And we believe that there is much more fun to be had when diving in a safe environment!
  • All partners are carefully selected by Total Diving professionals including the boat that we will be using, the dive centers that we will be visiting and the dive sites that we will be exploring.
  • Each one of our exotic dive adventure includes a free Fish Identification course specific to the location where we will be diving. Do you know the name of everybody you will be diving with? We do!
  • Your trip leader will travel with spare parts and do everything he can to help you enjoy your trip.
  • If you want, you could be completing higher level of dive training during the trip, since we always have at least one instructor on each exotic dive adventure. Wouldn't it be great to complete your Advanced Open Water course in the Exuma Keys?
  • Diving is a social activity. You will find dive buddies and friends for life - it always happens, on each trip! We meet before departure to introduce one another and review the trip plans. We also meet after our return to share pictures, videos, stories and friendship...

It's all there for you! Just dive in!


Each trip has its own sets of pre-requisites. For instance, some of them might require a certification as an Advanced Open Water Diver. However, most of our dive trips only require the most basic level of diver certification, especially if you intend to complete your Advanced Open Water Diver course with a Total Diving instructor during the trip! We want to help you gain experience in a safe and supervised environment.

For all of our organized dive adventures, we required that you carry some sort of diver insurance. It's inexpensive and it will save a lot of headaches to you, your family and ourselves, in the unlikely event of a dive accident. You can find all the information about diver insurance, here.

If you have any other questions, please contact us... We love talking about diving almost as much as we like diving!