Free Parts for Life Program (Regulator Service Agreement)

Free Parts for Life Program

Free parts for life allows you to receive free 1st and 2nd Stage replacement Service Kit parts when your regulator is due for an overhaul. Service charges not included. This may be applied throughout the life of the regulator so long as certain conditions are followed. Free parts for life can greatly reduce the cost of maintaining the regulator throughout its life. This is in addition to the warranties already applicable to the regulator and detailed in the owner’s manual.

Free parts for life eligibility depends on your commitment to your Aqua Lung Dealer as well as Aqua Lung itself. You must also have purchased the regulator first-hand from an authorized Apeks or Aqualung Dealer. The regulator must also be brought to an Authorized Dealer once a year for either inspection or overhaul according to the following schedule:

  • Year 1: inspection
  • Year 2: overhaul
  • Year 3: inspection
  • Year 4: overhaul… etc.

Inspections and overhauls must be recorded in the Annual Service & Inspection Records included in the Owner’s Manual CD or online here for Free Parts for Life to remain active. If an inspection or overhaul is ever missed then you no longer qualify for the Free Parts for Life program.