PADI Discover Rebreather Course

PADI Discover Rebreather Course

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PADI Discover Rebreather Course

For all tech diving courses, please book an appointment with one of our tech diving instructors or tech diving instructor trainers for complete explanations on what is included, what is not included and the pre-requisites. Then, we'll work out a course schedule with you. Tech diving is not for everybody!

Want to try cutting-edge dive equipment and learn about rebreather technology? The Discover Rebreather program is your opportunity to try a recreational rebreather or a technical Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) in controlled conditions.

During the program, you'll learn:

  • the differences between rebreathers and open circuit scuba 
  • about the two basic rebreather types 
  • how rebreathers function 

You'll also get in the water for a rebreather dive. Your PADI Rebreather Instructor or Tec CCR Instructor will show you new hand signals specific to rebreather diving and you'll learn what the rebreather is telling you through the handset, heads up display (HUD) and audible alarms. You'll also discover the differences in buoyancy control while descending, ascending and hovering in a rebreather, adjust the mouthpiece and bail out to open circuit. You'll do all of this in the clear, calm waters of a pool or confined water so you can discover the new challenges and benefits of rebreather diving.

The Discover Rebreather program is an ideal opportunity to learn about this emerging technology.


The program is open to certified divers (Open Water) at least 18 years of age who have logged at least 15 dives.

You'll need a new medical questionnaire, even if you've completed another PADI course with us recently. However, you may not have to obtain a new doctor signature. Details, here.

Course Location, Structure & Agenda

You will first start will theory, for about an hour. The course normally starts at 4pm. Then, you will jump in the pool. 

Depending on the amount of students, the time spending underwater might change. We, unfortunately, don't have a rebreather for everyone! 

The course is held at the Aquadome in Lasalle. 

Of course, you can also request a private course and, then... It's fully up to you! ;)

Scuba Gear Required

You will only need your wetsuit, fins and mask. 

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