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It's 'step one' to discovering the rest of your planet... 70% covered with water!

PADI scuba diving lessons are offered in indoor heated pools in Montreal.

Before registering, though... Please take a look at our complete scuba diving certification program designed to really offer you comfort, safety and a lifetime of fun, underwater.

Talk to us about setting up your course schedule.

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We have only one life to live. Dive in!


This is Step One of your entry-level scuba diving training course. So... The list of requirements is fairly short.

  • Being healthy enough for scuba diving. A medical questionnaire is required and, in some cases, your doctor approval is also required.
  • Being comfortable in the water. You do not need to be a good swimmer but you need to be able to float and move around comfortably in the water.
  • Participate in a 'prep session'. You'll learn to dive only once. It's important that you take the time to review all the preparation steps with one of our scuba experts. During this prep session, we will also verify the sizing for all scuba diving gear you'll be using in the pool.

Is there a minimum age to learn scuba diving?

Although the minimum age set by the dive industry is 8 years old for breathing underwater in a pool and 10 years old for Junior certification in Open Water, the minimum age for our group scuba classes is set at 14. We can organize training sessions for kids younger than 14 years old, upon request, as a private group scuba class. 

Course Location

We teach scuba diving in some of the best pools on the island of Montreal. We can also teach scuba diving in your own pool as a private group scuba class. 

Course Structure & Agenda

PADI standards require that we do the equivalent of 5 pool sessions with you. These sessions do not need to be on different days. There's no minimum time and, therefore, you'll see some PADI Open Water Diver courses being taught elsewhere in 5 hours of pool time. At Total Diving, all our programs exceed industry standards. We believe that you are worth it! And... Since you have only one life to live, we might as well be careful with it!

We're planning either 4 evenings over 4 weeks or one intensive weekend. In both cases, you'll benefit from about 10 hours of scuba time in the pool - and we'll work out with you any remedial training sessions, if you need more time.


After you've "learned to dive" with theory and pool practices, if you want to obtain your PADI Open Water Diver certification card (c-card), we need to go diving. To get certified, you need to do at least 4 open water dives with a PADI instructor. We offer PADI Open Water certification weekends near Montreal, at the Kahnawake Quarry, almost every other weekend during Spring, Summer and Fall. Easy access. Save a lot on fuel! Sleep at home. And have fun!

We recommend you take the Total Diver training program which includes your open water certification weekend and more. 

Course Material for your PADI Theory & Pool Training

In the price of the course, we include quite a lot!

Scuba Gear Required

This is a tough topic, because... We don't want to sound too much like we're pushing you to buy dive gear from us. We most certainly hope you will, but... What is more important is that industry statistics are pretty clear on this topic: divers who learn with their own dive gear tend to keep on diving for the rest of their life. Meanwhile, divers who learn with 'rental gear' tend to... Never dive again!

The reason is simple: it's a "different world down there" and if you want to feel comfortable and safe, while having fun, you need scuba gear that is fully adapted to your body and the type of diving you'll be doing. If you "wait to see if you'll like it", you may, precisely, not like it!

Take the time during your 'prep session' to review dive gear with one of our scuba experts. You should have your own dive gear for your first pool session.

At the very least, you must supply the following:

  • Fins, booties, mask and snorkel appropriate for scuba diving. We will review this with you during the prep session.
  • Bathing suit, towel and a padlock for the locker room.
  • You must also have wetsuit. 5 hours per day in the pool is a long time when you are not used to it! And you won't "learn" very well when you're freezing! We recommend a full length 3mm suit although, for some divers, a shorty 2mm can sometimes be enough.

For the rest... As long as you've purchased your fins, booties, mask, snorkel and wetsuit from Total Diving, we will help you with the core scuba gear for your pool sessions to learn to dive in Montreal, until you get your own. We count on you doing so before the end of the course.

For cylinders and weights: These are heavy pieces of equipment and we'll supply them to you at 'no charge' for your PADI entry-level course at Total Diving, as long as you've purchased the rest of your equipment from Total Diving. We help family members and dive buddies! Only divers who intend to do a lot of local diving in Eastern Canada need to consider buying cylinders and weights.

Options for PADI Open Water Diver Certification Dives

During the registration, you'll see various options to achieve your PADI Open Water certification dives with us, near Montreal - in fact, we use one of the best dive sites in Eastern Canada and it's only a few small minutes South of Montreal. It's really the best choice you can make and we're giving you an incentive to commit to it, now!

During your vacations, you have better things to do than completing a 'course' with an instructor! When on vacation... Just go diving and have fun!


Learning to dive in a pool in Montreal is 'step one' to discovering the rest of your planet... 70% covered with water!

Before registering though... Please take a look at our complete scuba diving certification program designed to really offer you comfort, safety and a lifetime and fun, underwater.

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