Fill Stations

Fill Stations

Our Montreal fill station can provide you with anything you want as a diver: air, nitrox, trimix, heliox, and hyper-pure air. 

All of our staff is trained as per Transport Canada's requirements for working in an environment with HazMat (compressed air) and all of our operators have received the PSI Total Diving Fill Station Operator training.

Our nitrox, trimix and heliox fill station operators have received the appropriate PADI DSAT Gas Blender training.

We even provide this training to other dive centers.

Compressed gas filling services for scuba diving.

Total Diving offers the highest quality filling service. We comply with the most demanding air quality standards of the industry. We are the only store in the Greater Montreal area that offers 32% Nitrox pre-mix. We also offer 22% to 40% Nitrox filling for recreational divers.

For technical divers, we offer oxygen fill up to 3000psi, Helium and Nitrox from 22% to 100% depending on your needs. 

At all times, you need your diver card for fills.

Filling of breathable air for scuba diving

Our breathable air filling is of the highest possible quality. We comply with CSA Z.275 which is the most demanding standard in the industry. An external laboratory analyzes the quality of our air 4 times a year. We also have an on-line analyzer for carbon monoxide which analyzes continuously for the optimum safety of our divers. These standards are required for commercial and scientific divers. That's why the Montreal Biodôme trusts Total Diving for its divers. 

Filling of Nitrox 32% pre-mix - exclusive service in Montreal

You want to enjoy a Nitrox filling service, ready immediately, accurate, and without any wait time. Total Diving offers you the 32% blend that dramatically increases your bottom time at a very affordable price. Your tanks must meet Nitrox 32% filing standards.

Nitrox filling from 22% to 99% by partial pressure. 

This filling technique allows you to fill your tanks with the mixture you want according to your certification. A day is required for the technician to deliver the mixture you request. All tanks must comply with oxygen safety filling standards.

Oxygen filling for technical diving.

We offer a pure oxygen filling service up to 3000 psi with our pneumatic driven booster. Tanks must comply with oxygen safety filling standards.

Filling Trimix, Helix, for technical diver.

We offer all mixtures of helium as requested by technical divers. Thanks to our pneumatic driven booster, there is no waste of your precious mixes.