XS/Thermo Plug/Seat Assembly - EANx Ready

XS/Thermo Plug/Seat Assembly - EANx Ready

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Thermo Deluxe K Valve Service Kit: 3 O-Rings, Seat Assembly, Teflon Washer and Copper Crush Washer

Included in the Kit are Outlet O-Ring's for the Regulator Outlet and the Cylinder to Valve Outlet, New HP Seat Assembly, both a Stem O-Ring and Teflon Washer and a Copper Crush Washer for the Bonnet Seal. O-Rings included are both BunaN and EPDM Material. Be prepared whenever you're out diving with the proper spares in your Save-a-Dive Kit.

Condition New
Brand XS Scuba
Normal Inventory Status Available by special order (CSO)
Barcode 0000000030274

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