Apeks 12 Liter Accessary Drybag

Apeks 12 Liter Accessary Drybag

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The DRY12’s main function is to modularly attach to the Apeks DRY100 & DRY60. The four stainless steel karabiners on the DRY12 latch to the four stainless steel D-rings over the Apeks logo on the side of the

DRY100. When attached, the waterproof roll-top opening on the DRY12 is conveniently located and easily accessible. The DRY60 has four locations to attach multiple DRY12 bags. This increases your DRY60’s packing capacity by 48 litres. It also provides four added dry compartments to your bag.

The DRY12 also holds up on its own. The four karabiners and adjustable straps make it easy to strap down to the deck of a boat, hang in sleeping quarters, strap to other bags or use as a carry-on.

• The main material is a 1000D Nylon Core 0.6mm Tarpaulin. It’s designed to be rugged and protect gear from the most extreme environments.

• The webbing is 1” (2.5cm) pp nylon with MOLLE straps for attaching small pouches and accessories.

• The tri-buckles and karabiners are stainless steel witha metallic black coating.

• The ends of the adjustable straps are designed toweave in and out of the tri-buckles easily. This is a failsafe system in case the karabiners gets damaged.

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