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When you’re snorkeling or diving, the last thing you want is a foggy dive mask. A quick application of Sea Drops™ by M Essentials™ cleans lenses and gets rid of fog, giving you a crystal clear view of the underwater world.

Easy to use in the field and safe for silicone and rubber frames, Sea Drops is concentrated, long-lasting and non-abrasive. Just squeeze, rub, rinse and wear.

Toss a bottle of Sea Drops anti-fog in your dive kit—and see what you’ve been missing.
Long lasting scuba mask anti fog Quick, easy, in-field application Bulk 1oz. includes Sea Leash™ adjustable gear attachment Non-abrasive, safe for all glass and plastic dive mask lenses Performs well in extremely cold water Not recommended for swim goggles Non-toxic, biodegradable and alcohol-free Will not harm surrounding silicone or rubber support frames Also great for eye glasses, face masks, binoculars and telescopes Made in USA
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